About Draftsman

Draftsman is a web project to make it much easier to find local and nationwide residential draftsmen. Some of the draftsman listed on our website are licensed and credentialed architects while others are professional trained certified draftsman. We also list hobbyist draftsman and those just learning drafting. Click here to view draftsman profiles.

Our core focus is to help anyone learn about and connect with draftsmen to hire for construction blueprints, 2d & 3d home designs, or help with remodeling and construction projects in general. We have licensed general contractors, architects and tenured draftsmen that do extensive background checks on draftsman that want to become verified. Verified draftsmen are well established and highly capable home designers with a good reputation and professionals references. We take time to examine their drafts and plans to ensure they know what they are doing and are great resources for anyone to hire.

The Draftsman website a resource for viewing, sharing, and purchasing home plans for any style home plan. The home plans you can find on the website come directly from draftsman verified members or 3rd party websites we have relationships. If you would like to become a member, create a profile, and begin creating and selling house plans on draftsman.me please contact us directly.