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8 Amazing Websites To Find Tiny Home Plans



Below is a listed of links to browse and review tiny home house plans. The websites have various house plans for tiny homes. The links and descriptions are not in any particular order.

8 Amazing Websites to Find Tiny Home Plans & Get Inspiration.

Modern Tiny Home in Winter Forest – Unsplash
Tine Home Builders Tiny House Plans include large print format with full pdf downloads that are easy to understand. They also come with a comprehensive materials list you’ll need to construct the tint home. They will also come with a SketchUp model.
The Tiny Life has everything you need for tiny house plans. Ryan is the founder of The Tiny Life and has been working on his website to showcase tiny home design plans for many years. On his website you’ll learn everything you need to build a tiny home perfect for you.

You’ll get the plans that cover the basic before starting your tiny home, the materials you’ll need, and the timeline it can take to build the tiny house plan. It includes things like plumbing and electrical too.
Tiny House Plans is a website that curates all the best modern tiny house plans perfect for any time home project. Alexis and Christian have gone to great lengths to source tiny home plans for any personality and preference.


Tiny House Design is a tiny home blog that covers all kinds of useful information about tiny homes. It isn’t a great resource for tiny home plans but it is a great resource for learning all about other people’s journeys building tiny homes.

They post about real tiny home projects that cover everything from tiny home fails and successes. They cover how to articles and there are lots of pictures of tiny home projects. The website was started back in 2008.

Spacious A-Frame Tiny Home – Unsplash
On tiny House Talk you’ll find really cool photos of various tiny homes people have built. The website doesn’t offer extensive builder plans but it does a great job showcasing many different types of tiny homes. On their blog you can filter through many different categories and get specific examples of tiny homes.

The project was started in 2007 by Kent Griswold. Kent wanted to discover and collect the many different tiny home options out there. With some many options he started a blog and started sharing with the world. You can find tiny house plans to purchase.

The Tiny House Blog also publishes the Tiny House Magazine which started in 2013, an eMagazine available in PDF version and iOS.


On Kents website you’ll be able to find tiny house plans for all kinds of needs from 1-2 people tiny homes, 2+ people tiny homes. Tiny homes for deserts, mountains, beaches and many more. Thanks Kent!
Tiny house listings is a unique website and it even comes with mobile apps for iOS and Android. This website actually sells already built tiny homes. Some of the homes are mobile, meaning they are on wheels like a bus or trailer frame. Others are on land and the home comes with the land. This is really cool because you if you don’t have the ability or time to build you can find a tiny home near you to purchase for sale.

You can browse their website by location and filter based on criteria like size, amenities and more.
We like Tiny House Swoon because it’s all about tiny house inspiration. Tiny home builders and owners use this website to post pictures of their tiny homes they have built or bought. It’s not a website to purchase buildable plans like other websites we have listed above but we felt it was great to include them in our list because you can get inspiration for your next tiny house project.

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